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I recently bought a new computer, and it was running pretty well - i just got a ssd intel x25-m and wd raptor (ssd for boot and raptor for client files)

I have already had to do 2 fresh installs, both times result in similar symptoms -

Each new install has solidly worked for about 5-6hrs, then it will randomly BSoD with common errors being: page fault in nonpaged area, bad pool header, memory management

The BSoDs begin to get worse/more frequent with the computer being able to stay on for max about 1 to 5 minutes, just enough time to back up some files before it crashes again.

I thought it may be some display drivers or something else I have installed, so booted to safe mode - still results in BSoD.

Completely stumped here. Any ideas?
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  1. Have you disconnected the WD Raptor drive and leave just the SSD drive in? Does the SSD support TRIM? Is TRIM enabled?

    Have you run a memory test? Are you using the latest drivers for all of your hardware?

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  2. Download the FREE "CCLEANER" & perform the Registry Scan and allow it to fix all errors, this solves this problem with Windows 7 Clean Installs. :)

    Computer Genius/Windows Wizard
  3. This looks like a memory issue as JessicaD suggested. It is not likely related to Windows 7 install since you have done 2 fresh installs already. Rule out your boot drive by loading a fresh Windows 7 on a donor drive (non SSD) and see how it runs. If all is well than it is not your memory and some kind of file access read/write problem on your bus causing issues. Memtest is a free download, just google and create a bootable CD and run it. I once had two brand new sets of Dominator memory go bad and random BSODS were they way it happened. Memtest found both failures out and Corsair replaced them.
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