Dell XPS M1530 Won\'t boot on after a tunder strik

i was using my laptop when it was raining , after some time it just went off , i can't even power it on ,but my charger is still working the system won't power on please help ...... please ( hope to hear from you .
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  1. take out the battery and unplug the power from the laptop.
    Press the power button (to discharge the capacitors.)
    Plug in the power cable.
    Press the power button and see if it boots.
  2. Disconnect the power supply and take out the battery. Now with no power at all, push and hold the power button down for 5 seconds. Install the battery and see if boots.
  3. First, you should edit your original post to remove your e-mail address. That is a sure way to get tons of SPAM.

    Second, were you connected directly into a power outlet or into a surge suppressor when the lightening strike occurred? Did the power go out?

    Try removing the battery and with the power supply attached, attempt to power it on.

    Please clarify.
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