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Hello all i recently just built my first computer. Because i live in a small town and the word has "gotton around" a couple people are asking me if i could clean up their laptops and make them faster. My mom also thinks this would be a good way for income... So the big question is how? are their guides ive heard something about defragging? idk but otherwise an ssd i was thinking. I would apperciate help wheather it would be a link or just your help thanks for your help
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  1. each laptop would be disassembled differently, so there really isn't a real way to disassemble all laptops. After disassembly, you would simply clean out dust from the heatsink area. You would have to google the specific family of laptops in order to disassemble it.
  2. My advice is, if you can't tell the difference between doing something that should be done regularly on any system without an SSD ( defragging ) and spending $100 or more on hardware as well as doing a new install of Windows ( adding an SSD ) you should spend a few weeks or months ( or years ) reading everything you can on computers before you try "helping" anyone out. Just because you built one computer does not make you a capable tech.
  3. Ok guys i understand that that is exactly why i am coming here for help for some threads on how to defrag or whatever this is called so i can read up for months just like i did on building computers so then mayb when i fell i got it pretty good i can try it.

    So defragging that is cleaning dust away from the heatsink? and thats it the laptop will run faster? or would i need to install an ssd and do a new install of windows and download their programs they need?
  4. No, defragging is a software action which cluttered moves data on your HDD together so that programs can load fasterish as all the data would be bundled on the same location on a hard drive rather than everywhere. Its one of the maintenances some people should pick up maybe weekly/monthly.
  5. That's cool that people want you to help them and yes SSd's do help out somewhat. What you are going to run into though as far as speed goes is tweeking windows. I can tell you from experience that this can lead to some serious trouble. The one thing that helped me out the most however, was learing how to use the "event viewer" properly. Once I did that, my life became so much easier.

    Also, when getting into computers one will be temped to use "registry cleaners." These program often cause more trouble than they help out.

    Finally the most important thing to know is to take the time to back up everything and create restore points. This will save you butt often.
  6. Quote:
    So defragging that is cleaning dust away from the heatsink?


    So defragging that is cleaning dust away from the heatsink?and thats it the laptop will run faster?


    Google is your friend.
  7. Ok So defragging is a software program so i would have to A) defrag the harddrive and get rid of unused stuff? like toolbars i find that slows stuff down? B) Get an ssd and tweek windows or C) learn how to use event viewer?, defrag, get an ssd (optional), and back stuff up often?

    are their any forums or websites that i can read up on?
  8. defraging doesn't remove anything, it relocates data on the hard drive for slightly quicker read times as data will be bundled together.
  9. Oh ok so this is getting more clear every minute. So i run a defraging software im guessing?

    BTW thanks for all the help
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