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Hey guys, I'm currently in the process of buying a new laptop and was wondering what processor would do best for this task. I currently have a HP laptop with a phenom B960 quad core in it but today experienced a simulation 100%ing every core. What would be best for what I'm doing? Unfortunately I only have a small budget of £450 but I am willing to buy refurbished/second hand. Currently, I'm considering the a10-4600m in the packard bell easynote TV but I am willing to take opinions. I also enjoy light gaming and don't wish for fancy graphics, just playabilitty at a native res.

Would a first gen i7 work better or a 1st/2nd gen i5?

Cheers, Harris
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  1. Bump? I meant P960 not B960 lol sorry! I mainly use LTspice as my simulating program which is apparently optimized for quad core :)
  2. Sandy Bridge i7 (QM i7, not M i7) will be better than Ivy Bridge i5 for your purpose.
  3. Pyree- the OP was referring to 1st gen i7 e.g. 720qm etc.. versus 1st/2nd Gen i5..

    Pyrohaz- It depends on which model of the Core i series you were looking at .
    Let's say it was the average i7 1st gen vs that of i5 2nd gen.. It would be: Core i7-720QM and the i5-2450m

    the i5 in that case is faster, but if you want to do simulations- you'll benefit more from having the 4 cores of the i7 over the 2 faster ones in the Core i5.

    If you could give me the specific model name for the i7, and the same for the i5 2nd gen- we can compare the specs.

    The 1st gen i5 is out of the question.. it will be slow, and a dual-core. There would be no reason to go with one if you had the ability to go with a newer i5, or an i7 of the same generation.

    Good luck,
  4. Some naming confusion here. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I wasn't thinking back that far. To avoid further misunderstanding, provide the model number of the CPU.
  5. Sorry guys, in the future I will ensure that I include model numbers :)

    Currently within my price range:

    Packard Bell Easynote TV - AMD A10-4600M
    Samsung NP300E5A - i5-2430M
    Dell Inspiron N5110 (Same processor as above)
    Dell Studion 1558 - i7-720QM

    Would these provide an added bonus over my current CPU? Unfortunately, I use the passmark charts to compare the CPU's (I don't know how this forum stands on using these benchmarks) and that shows that the AMD one comes on top.

  6. Problem solved cheers guys, I bought an Acer Aspire 5755g with the it-2670QM

    Thanks a lot :)
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