How do T copy-protect my DVDs

Hello,how do T copy-protect my DVD ?
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  1. Sorry, never Heard of T copy??
    DVDs can NOT be written to unless they are a -RW (rewritable).
    As to DVD-R (+R) When you write data to the Drive, youcan add data, or continue to write to the DVD-R or +R disk until You Close it OUT. Once closed out you can NO longer write or modify files on the DVD disk.
    Store Bought DVDs are "ROM" disk- ROM = "Read Only Media"
  2. I think he meant "How do I copy-protect," at least that's what i got from it. I would be curious about this too. Once I master a DVD, is there a way to put copy protection on the disc so no one else can copy it.
  3. When a file is copied to a DVD-R the attribuite is changed to read only and when coped from the DVD to a HDD the attribute remains at Read only (i think) but this is easilly verified. Just copy some files to a DVD , close out the DVD, then copy back to a HDD and check the attribute. BUT this is easily UNDONE by an individualy simply going to the Attribute and changing it back.

    To prevent unauthorized coping of the Disk, See:
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