Jolting image, minmiaztion of games

I'm having some pretty anoying problems with my computer, the image on screen jolts around on the screen sometimes it's worse than others, and more noticeable when reading text on screen or looking through folders. I guess because i'm more focused on specific areas of the screen.

The other problem, i'm sure is related sometimes games will keep minimizing, and everytime i maximise the game it minimizes again. It has done this on Rome total war, BF, BFV, and various other games. I manged to stop it doing it when i turned the power off at the wall. But the jolting never fixes it's self.

My friend thinks the video card might be broken is he far off?

3.2ghz pent 4 prescott
radeon 9800 pro 4.6 drivers *different drivers didn't fix the problem"
1gb kingmax ddr500 ram dual channel 4x256
Windows XP professional
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  1. Did you recently insltalled the 9800Pro? And if you did, did you had a Nv card before?

    P4-2800->FSB800, Asus P4P800, 512DDR-400, Creative GeForce DDR (the first one lol)
  2. It's a new computer, came wit hthe 9800 pro. I had it built by a store, so it's not a packaged computer. It;s under warrenty, so no problems repalcing it, but it'll be alot of heartache to do so i'm sure.
  3. Jolting on the screen sounds like it may be em interference - like from a bad flourescent light ballast, or a large motor nearby or something like that. Could there be anything like that close to the monitor? (a refrigerator is a good culprit too because of the compressor).

    Another thing to try would be to use the monitor's controls and degauss it. If it goes away for a couple mins, then comes back, I would guess the monitor is defective.

    If possible, try a different monitor on that computer and that monitor on a different computer - that will help narrow down the problem.

  4. I switched monitors with another computer, and the monitor still jolts. ALthough it is not as bad. However the monitor i switched it with works 100% on both computers.

    Any ideas abotu the minimizing games?
  5. Then I would think the monitor is possibly bad. Try using the monitor controls to degauss it and see if that helps. If not, and it's under warranty, RMA it.

    Don't really know about the minimizing games, but...

    Try a virus and adware/malware scan. They can cause what you are seeing. Do you have one of those keyboards with programmable keys? Maybe the key programming is causing it somehow...

    Other than those couple wild guesses, I have no idea.
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