I'm trying to make custom Laptops for my company but the prices are more expensi

I'm trying to make custom Laptops for my company but the prices are more expensive then retail.
Can anyone help me with this, maybe if you know some cheap Barebone notebooks, but are good.
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  1. I think the best thing you can do is buy complete notebook system... Building laptops is not the same as building desktops- It will be much more expensive to build a laptop because there is no standards for motherboard layout, speakers, chassis, etc. etc..

    The only thing that comes to mind if you want to have some say in putting the parts together are Clevo chassis.

    Good luck,
  2. For what purpose will the machines be used? Unless there is a VERY good reason why off the shelf wont work then I highly recommend buying from a vendor that specializes in business laptops (Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc).

    The cost of supporting homemade machines for business use is going to be well beyond reasonable. Lifecycle, driver support, bug fixes, hardware warranty, etc. I do not see a win in building custom laptops unless there is something specific about your needs that would absolutely require it.

    Or are you talking about making a business that SELLS custom made laptops? In that regard you aren't going to make any money until you reach sales in large volumes. Or, you can find a niche market that can be exploited.
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