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I have Toshiba Satellite L555-S7945 , so my spec's can be easily found here :

http://www.toshibadirect.com/td/b2 [...] oid=452658

When I first noticed it I was playing an mmorpg and it just kept randomly spike lagging. Sometimes it would stop for a few hours and than come back . I thought it was my net but than I was house sitting and I was playing an offline older game and it was doing the same thing. Seems a little worse now or I am just noticing it more. Its slow even just clicking on things on the desktop but, not all the time. Well, since than to resolve any software issues or anything I reformatted both my internal and external hard drive with fresh install of windows 7. From the time I booted the computer up it started doing the same thing and I'm really not sure where to go from here. I'm not the smartest about computers but, I understand what goes into the computer and general idea of what they all do. I can build desktop but, I already tried to open my lappy and I was a little intimidated. I wanted to clean the fan but , since it doesn't have overheating problem , I don't think I need to worry. I downloaded a little temp monitor just to nix that off the list of possibilities.

I have been playing on my external with my games and it seems to help , or I really just want to believe that.(haha) All my other things are on the main drive so if I tab out to look something up or put music on its just irritating!

So my questions are :

1. Going through this process of elimination ,what would be the reasonable thing to test next ?
2. Can I make some kind of system Image to put on my external(Toshiba External with 147 gb free ) so that I can test my OS on that instead? (I need to get a new windows disk ( I have a serial sticker on my lappy just misplaced the dang cd again).

Sorry for wall-o-text, I just wanted to explain it the best way I could. Thanks in advance. :D
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  1. The link to your specs doesn't work.

    What MMORPG are you playing? Have you tried any other games?
  2. http://tinyurl.com/mycrappycomp

    or just look up my computer , it has everything stock in it .

    Forsaken World.

    It happens on the desktop when nothing evens running the background . I randomly check my ms-config settings just to make sure nothing sneaks on my start up that I miss (lol).

    I can play WoW on my external with no problems , didn't try Forsaken World because I thought it was irrelevant to try since it lags on everything else too. It lags without internet. Nothing to do with the net. I was on the phone for 4 hours with ATT trying to get them to figure it out they said my net looks better than average .

    Thanks so much.
  3. Anyone have any ideas?I've scanned all my hardware too for problems. Only thing it finds is my printer drivers aren't installed correctly , which it ALWAYS SAYS no matter what (I think the printer got surged at one point, even though it was in a surge protector)The other problem I'm having it keeps popping this "Connect to XXXXX" and it will freeze the website if I don't close it . I don't know why it is doing that I disabled it and set my wireless as my main . I think it's better now , least on that issue.
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