Laptop screen warm from one side

heys folks looks like i am paranoid. i need your help resolving this thing.

ok the right side of my hp dv6 is warm to touch. mot the screen itself but the plastic. rest of the screen is completely normal.
is my screen ok?

and when i play games the left side of the laptop where i rest my palm gets warm. not uncomfortable. is this normal?

thank you guys
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  1. Yep. Normal.

    Have fun!
  2. If it is working fine I would not sweat it. Every laptop has it's own cooling solutions, and in some of them the radiator or a heatsink are located next to the palm rest.
  3. then whats with the laptop right side screen plastic warming?
  4. gsbharaj said:
    then whats with the laptop right side screen plastic warming?

    likely heat coming off the lamp at the bottom. Hot air ascends through whatever channel finds on that side of the screen and gets in contact with the plastic cover at that location. Don't worry, it won't melt or anything. If it were to melt, it would start from the immediate vicinity of the lamp.
  5. just played for quite some time now. found that most of the laptop on left side was hot. then i turned on the laptop cooler and everthing went to warm. is it fine?
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    It's fine. Laptops get much, much hotter than desktops and they're designed to withstand it. My laptop gets incredibly hot when playing games - palm rest, keyboard, the metal trim especially. I don't usually monitor my temperatures, but when it gets pushed, it can get within 1C of its max operating temperature (100C, higher than its desktop counterparts).

    Edit: I should add, airflow is another factor. Mine intakes from the bottom and exhausts out the left side, which causes my palm rest to get even hotter.
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