Laptop for watching bluray and light gaming

Looking for a laptop for college to watch movies, listen to music, and maybe play some games.

Budget is ~$600

Looking for a 15-17 inch

I'm not sure about the screen resolution. I'd prefer 1600x900 but if you think I won't lose much watching bluray in 1366x768 I can be talked into it.

I'm not thinking of playing many games on it, perhaps only League of Legends and the settings don't need to be high (though, I'd prefer not to have everything at minimum)

I'd something over 300gb for my hard drive the more space the better.

I'd like to keep this through my next 4 years of college but I'm probably expecting a bit much.

A bluray drive would be great but a dvd rom would be alright.

Decent sound would be a big plus.

I'm currently looking at or

I'm looking into the a series because I heard that the intel hd 3000 stuttered with bluray. If you could give me some suggestions I'd appreciate it.
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