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I know this maybe a stupid question but I have been reviewing several of the postings, and have a simple question. Everywhere I look I see that the Ati Radeon 9600Xt 128 mb Agp card is useable in the three Windows Operating Systems. Windows 2000, Windows Xp and Windows Me. What I am asking if anyone has ever used this card in the Windows 98 se Operating System environment, and had it work properly, could anyone tell me that you have tried this with this Operating System? Would that be the same case for the 256 mb card, that it would work fine in Windows 98? Would the money be better spent on the 9800 series card?

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  1. I used it with windows 98, i don't know if it was working properly, i think it was...google it, i'm sure you would fine it. <A HREF="http://www.google.com" target="_new">http://www.google.com</A>

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  2. 9600XT works perfectly in 98SE. In fact, it works better in 98SE than it does in ME, using the same driver.

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