Laptop Slow Boots Times

hi Guys!

Recently my laptop seems to be hanging a bit at boots...

It's stuck several minutes (Haven't counted but i believe so) on a black screen Like so with a blinking dot or something in the upper left side.

I've tried disabling almost everything in the msconfig boots but i'm not sure that it's the place i should be looking, thats why im asking here..

What do you think could be the problem here? And how should i fix it?

- Lazdaa
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  1. Go to the BIOS, and see which drive is set as booting. You might have a USB drive.. or a DVD Drive set for 1st priority in the boot order. Change it to the Hard drive if that is the case.

    Good luck,
  2. Ok, so i went into boot settings and it seems like thats the problem.. But this may be a silly question but how do i know which one is my HDD?

    This is my options:

    P0: Optiarc DVD RW AD-7580S
    P4: ST9500420AS
    Realtek Boot Agent
    WD My Passport 07401003 (This would be my external HDD)
    WD SES Device 1003

    I'm thinking that it's the WD SES but i'm not sure what the others things are (except from the DVD drive and the external)

    EDIT: Under the main menu i found the Serial ATA: AST9500420AS (500GB) So i guess this is the HDD?
  3. That's indeed the HDD.
  4. Okay so i changed the priorities and it's all good now

  5. remember to select best answer m8
  6. Komomu said:
    remember to select best answer m8

    How? the only thing i see is the thumbs up
  7. Komomu said:
    remember to select best answer m8

    lol he can't, because he created a discussion topic.. no a specific answer.
  8. Lazdaa said:
    How? the only thing i see is the thumbs up

    Don't worry about it Komomu, glad we were able to help.
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