Mid level gaming laptop $800

looking to get a medium quality gaming laptop

it seems like a 640m le is quite the pint sized performer for medium level graphics

looking for i5 at the least

ram doesnt matter because it can be easily upgraded

looking for something that is easy to carry around [like an ultrabook or near it, or just small]

screen size doesnt matter, anything from 11"-15"

i would like to have an ssd boot and an hdd for data if possible or that can be easily upgraded

if i cant have both then i want something with an optical that i can get a caddy for so i can install an ssd [if possible]

i really like the acer timeline m5 14" with a 640m, it has an optical bay that i can stick a caddy and an ssd into, dedicated graphics, 500gig hdd, upgrade-able ram and its so small its considered an ultrabook for an excellent price http://www.amazon.com/Acer-TimelineU-M5-481TG-6814-14-Inch-Ultrabook/dp/B0085H65VS/ref=sr_1_1?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1345003928&sr=1-1&keywords=acer+m5 or maybe its big brother with a slightly larger screen

my other choice would be a sager np6110, doesnt have an option to put 2 hdds in it but oh well, has a 650m [gddr3 unfortunately], free upgrade to a momentus xt for about the same price http://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np6110-clevo-w110er-p-4343.html

maybe this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834215404
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  1. that's a bit of chunkster, looking for something smaller or slimmer
  2. in my poinion, the meidum gaiming pc should at least i5(ivy bridge)+640 coz:by the comparision of 640le
    640 use the least construction and LE just fermi comstruction

    if just focus on the gaming performance 640 is litter better than LEedition as well

    when it comes to M5 i heared that acer's quality is not the best some times it is a litter bit easy to refuse to work

    so lenovo Y series is suit for you
    i think Y480 suit you best
  3. I do alot of computer repair and I would honestly take an acer over an HP any day, HPs hardware is terrible, one client had to send hers back 3 or 4 times from hardware failures, poor quality control, inferior cheap parts. I wouldn't touch one with a 10 foot pole. I stray far away from the likes of dell, HP, and Toshiba. brands I trust are sager, Acer, apple, Asus and Samsung. haven't heard much or seen any lenovos from any of my clients.

    screen quality doesn't matter too much, all my screens are inferior, hell I'm using an old 1440x900 monitor with a brand new gtx 670 on my gaming rig until I can afford better. planning on getting a Asus monitor here in a month.

    I'm looking for something that is thin or small and easily portable that can handle some gaming, not looking for ultra high graphics I have my gaming rig for that.
  4. first : when it comes to the hp"s dv4 as far as i know hp's hardware is awful especial it's cooler system i already know 2 friends' hp laptop repuse to work
    because of the cooling system(they are just using the ppt to give a class) then they have to returned their laptops by comparison lenover's quality is much beter
    i got a uncle who do some besinness about fixing the computer he told me that asus and lenoeve always have the best quality

    second: y480's screen is tolarable what i am using new is the 14' screen with 1366 . 768 defination and a high quality screen will also impose a burden to the graphic card especial when the card is not a good enough

    third : if you do not like y480 i know asus also have a n series which i like very much it got a better design and you can select 65o card but it may a litter expensive than your requriment and Samsung Q series eventhough it got a better graphic card but i remember it only offer i3 cpu and it is in elder construction
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