need help deciding on this GPU

so im shopping online and I see a thinkpad with a dedicated gpu

select the "NVIDIA NVS 5400M" under system graphics

is this a gaming gpu or is it or workstations? I was looking up that card and there was a post aboutit overheating:

"The NVIDIA NVS 4200M (or NVIDIA Quadro NVS 4200M) is a business graphics card for laptops which is most likely based on the same core as the GeForce GT 520M. According to the Nvidia Homepage, the 4200M is allowed to be clocked up to 810MHz, compared to the 550MHz of the GT 520M. However, the clock rates of the NVS 4200M in the Dell Latitude 6420 is similar to the GT 520M.

The NVS series is optimized for business applications and stability and may therefore perform a bit worse in games due to the special drivers and BIOS optimizations"

now this isnt the same gpu as above but I just want to know if I can play CSS and CSGO at 60fps 720p
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  1. CSS? Counter Strike Source? lol Thats all I can think of as CSS.

    Yes its a workstation card in a way. So no I would not suggest it at all. Just a waste of batterylife as it will barely be utilized when you not playing games. Rather get something that can default to Intel HD graphics when out of graphics demanding apps/games.
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