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Hello I just dropped my best friend HP pavillion DV5 and destoryed it.

I need help finding a new laptop. I already know the basics on what makes one laptop better than another componet wise.

1. I need a laptop that is easy to work on/Upgrade. Something where I can just remove that back panels and have access to the GPU, CPU, Ram, and harddrive.

2. A laptop that doesn't have any known defects. Example my DV5 had issues with the fan and overheating. Another Example the dell XPS series has problems with the GPU craping out on them.

3. High preformance i would like atleast i5 or better and a semi-highend dedicated GPU not bleeding edge. Not sure just how much juice i need my DV5 had a 2.5 Ghz Intel core 2 duo CPU, Nvidia 9600M GT GPU 500MB GPU, 3 Gb of Ram, and did nearly everything I wanted untill it had overheating problems due to poor Heatsink and Fan design.

I would like to keep this under 700 the cheaper the better obivously. A tall order I know and thank you so much in advance for any response.
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    I found this the A8 4500M benchmark is 4200 and the 7640 GPU seems fairly good.

    I'm concerned about the GPU only having 512mb of memory.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Thanks for the reply and your right those are all great budget gaming laptops. However, I just completely dissembled my HP and reassembled and now it works fine with a external screen. So not giving up on it yet.
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