Hello UK laptop help please....

Hello guys just wondering if any of you are able to help...

Im looking for a high performance laptop around the £500 mark but cant seem to find much to help me online for the UK laptop market....

Would you say this is a good deal? http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/Lenovo_Z580_Windows_7_Laptop__M81E2UK/version.asp#maindesc

Any help and recommendations would be appreciated.


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  1. Oh just a little more information its main use will be for gaming purposes for games such as guild wars 2. The screen wont matter to much as ill be hooking it up to my TV the majority of the time... Thanks again.
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  3. Hi :)

    If you want a GAMING high performance laptop you NEED to add another £1000 to your budget, or just get a gaming PC...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Hey, check out the Samsung in my thread here .

    Both Lenovo and Samsung have a £100 cashback scheme on certain models atm, so you can get a better machine for nearer your budget (also they're slightly cheaper on Amazon, around £570 - £630 after cashback)

    The lenovo in my link is just a higher spec model than the one you found, having an i7 CPU and a Blu-Ray drive. But for the £130 difference in price, I dont think it's worth it.

    The samsung, on the other hand, is pretty much the same spec as the on in your link, except it has a Matt screen and a slightly better graphics card. You'll have to decide yourself whether a £70 increase in price is justifiable.

    I'd say the one you have there suits your needs perfectly, and go for that. I'm actually quite tempted with that one now! I didnt see that one in the list of laptops available for cashback haha
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