Where can i buy motherboard replacement for PCG 71314L sony vaio

I have a sony vaio notebook model #PCG 71314L that is not powering up the power light keeps blinking when I press the power button. I'm not sure if it's the battery but my guess it's the motherboard..I even tried using another adapter and the same thing happens... plz can u give me some answers
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  1. You could probably find something on ebay but this would be a very difficult repair to do yourself. Working on laptops is generally a PITA. Everything is smaller and more cramped, manufacturers often use custom components so that everything will fit, sometimes the CPU and/or GPU are soldered into the Mobo so they can't be replaced...

    If I were you, I'd bring it to a repair shop that you trusted and get a quote on the repair. Then you can decide if it's worth repairing or if it's time to get a new laptop.
  2. there ought to be another number on the sticker. that is the chassis model. something like VPCEB2xxx
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