HDMI only Laptop to DVI-D only Monitor

I am getting ready to order the new Dell Inspiron 14z Ultrabook for a family member. Her LCD is DVI-D only, and the Ultrabook is HDMI only.

It looks as though I have a choice of converter boxes, converter cables, and converter adapters. I'm looking at either a cable or adapter. Some cables say bi-directional, others do not. None of the adapters say bi-directional.

So, do I need bi-directional, and if not would a cable or adapter only be better?

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    HDMI is just DVI and digital audio on a single cable, so a simple HDMI to DVI adapter should be all you need. Just keep in mind that DVI is video only, no audio.
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  3. What did you end up getting and how did you get it to work?
    I have an Asus notebook pc laptop with only 1 HDMI slot.
    And a DEL 24" DVI-D PC Monitor.
    I tried buying a small adapter:
    DVI-I Female to HDMI male plug it into the HDMI on yhe Asus laptop and plus the DVI-D cable of the monitor to the adapter.
    But it seems my pc doesn't recognize the screen.
    What should I do exactly?
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