Anyone alter the BFG 6800GTOC heatsink?

Two questions.

First of all, the memory has pads connecting it to the heatsink. I cant see what the gpu has. Anyone looked before? Possible to put AS on the memory instead? Because if the gpu uses paste instead of pads, then it mights be uneven to take the pads off the memory...

Also, ever thought about cutting into the heatsink? If you cut off the a hole into it right above the memory and put a fan underneath the card you could cool that heatsink MUCH better than those stupid little fans.

But, I care more about the first question. Comment please.
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  1. just did that very thing. well, I didn't alter it. I just took it off and replaced it with the NV5. I really liked the look of those LED fans because you couldn't see them, and the light they gave off was nice. But the sound was annoying. Anyway, there's just generic thermal compound on both the core and the memory. Yes, there's even thermal compound on top of the thermal pads. Took awhile to clean it all off and replace with AS Ceramique.

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  2. I see, two questions..

    How much better was the cooling?

    And how hard is it to take off the stock? well, before putting it back on of course.
  3. it was pretty easy. First, unscrew the 4 screws and take off the black bracket. Then slowly and gently pull the heatsink unit off. it feels like it's glued on but trust me, it comes off with a little persuasion. It's just stuck on the thermal compound. With the NV5, I went from 63c idle to 55c idle and 85c load to 66c load. Better improvement in load, but that's where it counts, right?

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  4. Do you overclock krazy? And if so, have you seen better performance from the lower temps, or were you able to oc it higher?

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