Lenovo Y480 vs T430s vs U410

I'm looking for a comparison between the Lenovo Ideapad Y480, the slim Thinkpad T430s, and the ultrabook U410.

The prices for the Y480 and the T430s are about the same, with the ultrabook costing a tiny bit less. So price is not a concern.

The specs for the Ideapad are clearly better, with the sole exception of weight. I want to know which laptop is more worth it to buy and why. If you know any laptop (not just by Lenovo) that is similar to these three in pricing(~$800) and specs, please make your suggestion.

Thank you!

Also, what are the differences between the Thinkpad and the Ideapad (other than the specs)?
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  1. Traditionally, the thinkpad should be built more sturdily then the consumer level ideapad.

    I think if you look for it, they should have the specific build features that make the thinkpad different from ideapad.
  2. If you want to play games then the only real choice is the Y480.

    The Intel HD 4000 graphic card can be used to play games and considering that Intel wasn't really focused on graphics performance until recent and the fact that it is an integrated solution, performance is pretty decent. But nothing compared to the GT 640LE (or whatever is in the Y480). I've completed Mass Effect 3 solely using the Intel HD 3000 in my Y470 instead of using the GT 550m. Performance was actually decent, then again ME3 is not a very demanding game.

    Overall, I would choose the T430 over the U410. While not as light as the U410, it has bigger hard drive capacity and it has a DVD slot.
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