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A6-3420M(1.5GHz) 17.3" 6GB Memory DDR3 1066 500GB HDD 5400rpm DVD Super Multi AMD Radeon HD 7670M - $530

i3 2370M(2.40GHz) 15.6" 4GB Memory 500GB HDD 5400rpm DVD Super Multi NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M - $550

So there is only a $20 difference between the two notebooks, the ram is negligible due to how cheap it is. However, the big differences of course are the 7670M vs 630M, A6-3420M vs i3-2370M, and the 1600x900 vs 1366x768 resolutions respectively. The 630M notebook also has a USB 3.0 port (not a big deal to me).

The GPU's are pretty equal for the most part (7670M with a slight advantage without including crossfire with 6520G), however the CPU and resolution are the big sellers between them. I really am not fond of 1366x768, however the cpu is better overall for power and gaming. I know the A6 could OC to 2.4ghz comfortably from what I've heard. So my question is, what would you chose? Try to leave out any brand/co. bias.
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  1. I would only consider laptops with At Least 1600 resolution, if not higher, so that's the one out of these 2 I would choose.
  2. @junky77

    The first laptop listed (the one I'm probably going to get after researching many other laptops all day) is the equivalent of the 5560G. The 7560G is mostly the same as the 5560G, with a larger screen size, resolution, and a few more GB of ram and HDD space. I've seen it has a secondary HDD bay, (according to reviews) if true, I'll be getting an SSD as well.

    Your choice of laptop (5560G) kind of strengthens my my decision in getting the 7560G. Thank you.
  3. Quote:
    this is the 7560G review:

    same thing more or less. maybe somewhat less build quality, but I'm sure. NVM.

    BUT. For 570$ you can get the HP dv6z with Radeon 7730M (15.6") or Acer 7750 (17.3") with Radeon 6850M DDR3 (<=6750M practically) and intel I5-24XXM.
    In the other direction, the 5560G costs 130$ less. You can remove its HDD and install SSD - it will last much longer and will be even cooler. Sell the HDD and get some external HDD - if it suits you.

    So the 7560G doesn't look to me like a good choice, really. I'll be glad to hear your thoughts

    Could you provide any links to those laptops at that price? I couldn't find a laptop with anything higher than an 6650m/7670m for less than $700. Thanks again.

    EDIT: So i found this

    Couldn't find the 7730m however for less than $600.

    Thanks, I'll be ordering the 7750 with 6850m in that case.
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  5. Quote:

    Very nice, can't justify $750 personally (since 1366x768 $550 isn't good enough IMO, and 1920x1080 is overkill kind of) I feel the 6850m, i5, with a 1600x900 was the sweet spot for price and resolution. If I had the extra money to spend I'd go for it though. Thanks! :)
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