How much is my toshiba laptop worth

hey i have a toshiba laptop and i am looking to sell it but i am asking 200 and it's about 5 years old... idk if i am asking to much or what cuz everyone thinks it's worth like 75 to 100 bucks tops but i am looking for someone to get it for 200 cuz i need to pay some bills should i just ask like 100 bucks it's newly restored and everything it has nothing on it right now???/
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  1. unfortunately, a laptop that old, you don't exactly have a lot of choice. depending on the specs, you could maybe squeeze out another $20-30 from the buyers at best.
  2. Think of it this way for the buyer. They can get something that works for only $300 with yours being 5 years old even that is about double as fast and new with a warranty. Which would you buy, this is why used computer just aren't worth much money.
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