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I need a laptop for using photoshop and axure.
Plus i think some games don't know what kind of as i have a gaming desktop for primary games..;)...

How is this laptop for gaming and normal use?
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  1. It should be fine, it is a budget laptop.. so you won't be able to play next gen games on ultra or anything. But for the price, you're getting decent specs.
  2. I would find one that has at least a 1600 res - both those are 1366x768
  3. I disagree on that... on a $500 budget, it's hard to find a laptop with a 900p screen... and even then, you'll be sacrificing potential performance to illuminate those extra pixels.
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    rockxdude said:

    The Office Depot laptop has an A10 instead of the weaker A8 in the flipkart deal.
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