Acer aspire one happy, sound issues.


I have an Acer Aspire One Happy which is having sound issues.

The sound drivers are up to date, they have been uninstalled several times and updated to the correct driver versions.

There are no problems with the hardware.

When playing music or videos there is just no sound, even though i can see the volume bar moving in the "playback devices" menu .

I can plug speakers into the headphone jack and they work fine.

I am just stuck as to what could be the problem....i am no noob so kinda know what i'm doing, i have checked various problems but none of them seem to solve this problem....

Using windows 7 starter,

The sound did use to work, so i can only guess that maybe an update of some kind has interferred with it...

Any info would be greatly appreciated,

PS. don't bother with the standard line 1 response i have done that already :P

Thanks very much :D
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  1. Speaker wire could be loose or speakers damaged, pop open the case and check.
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