Adding to the Vsync debate...

Under the thread "Enhancing performance" or whatever its exactly titled there is valid proof that vsync OFF improves system performance.

I did this, and dropped 400 points in 3dmark03. Turned it back "on by default" in RivaTuner and got my 400 points back.

Admittedly, I know nothing about vsync, im just sharing info, its something for you all to look at.
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  1. Vsync syncronises your fps to your monitors refresh rate.So if your refresh rate is 70hz then your fps will be 70 if your card can produce that

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  2. what about if the the refresh is say 85 but your machine is only outputting say 50 - will that make it really jerky?

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  3. But with vsync on I still get the normal 200-500fps at certain parts of 3dmark03, and clearly that isnt my refresh rate also....
  4. Quote:
    will that make it really jerky?

    no because your only getting 50. vsync would still sync the frames , so if anything it would be smoother with less tearing

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  5. Quote:
    Under the thread "Enhancing performance"

    That thread was written by a [-peep-] piece of [-peep-], that doesnt even post here anymore.

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  6. That's how many FPS the GPU is rendering internally, not the amount of times it is refreshing to the monitor.

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