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I am getting a strange problem in Windows 7 where my mouse stops working randomly from time-to-time. I hear the 'device unpluged' sound (the dee-doop the the computer makes then you remove a USB device) and the mouse stops working for about 3-5 seconds. It is very irritating. I have tried Binging the problem but have found no fix on Bing or Google. I have also tried several mice including a MS Sidewinder, Dell optical mouse, NZXT Avatar and MS wireless mouse in different USB ports on the PC and they all seem to work fine. Is this the resault of some sort of Virus or is a Microsoft bug. I never had this problem in Vista 64 dispite the same hardware.

Windows 7 Home Permium 64 Bit.

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  1. Does this only happen with USB mice? Does it happen with any other USB equipment?

    What AV software do you have?

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  2. It only happens with USB mice, HOWEVER I changed my anti-virus program to see if the problem went away...

    ...and it did. I was using ESET Smart Security 4 (when the problem was occuring) and I switched to Trend Micro Internet Security (non-pro version) and the problem disappeared. I am currently testing MS Security Essentials and the problems also seemes to be missing. I plan on going back to ESET Smart Security 4 in a few days and seeing if the problem returns.
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