is leadtek winfast a400 6800 good buy & psu Watt q

hi there
after reading lots in tom's hardware I've decided to get winfast leadktek 6800 a400 standard one. (mostly bc of price/performance/agp
now i know that the ultra and gt versions have DDR3 Support (i'm not sure if they all have Shader Model 3.0 support, do they?)

other reason why i've prefered this is I don't have pciexpress and can't wait for 6600 & x700 series to come up with agp versions (and bought my mb 4 months ago not considering to buy a new one soon.)

so with these information at hand is a400 a good buy? would i be mistaken if i won't buy the gt or ultra versions? (well i'm not sure if i want to give $200 extra)

anyways also i need to get a new psu, which brand is good over 400W? (price/performance pls)
also if I get a lame psu what'd be my disadvanteges? (will my comp reboot often lacking the power needed to be sucked?)

ow my system when suggesting psu
mb: asus a7v8x-x
ram: 512mb pc 2700 kingston
cpu: athlon xp 2500+ (i want to oc but i'm not sure if i can go up high with pc2700rams.?? can I)
2 WD hdd's 7200rpm 160gb (eide)
1 liteon dvd writer (811S)
zalman fan (don't remember the id)
case (i don't remember, but 300W with 4fans...
edit: my lcd goes up 1280*1024 so i don't frankly care about fps @ 1600*1200 :)

also any updates on whether the Vertex Engines can be enabled with standard version of 6800?


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  1. All the 6800s support SM3.0 while the X800s are stuck with 2.0. As for price, usually the 6800s sell for 300$, 250$ would probably be a better price but the GT is only 100$ more (the BFG6800GT OC was selling for 350 at and most easily overclock to Ultra speeds. I'd probably go ahead and get the GT because it has 256mb and easily allows any game to run in high detail at 1600x1200 easy (probably with some AA and AF to boot). Yet with the recent hub-bub of 3dmark2005, it looks like the X800s are very solid too. But the regular 6800 is still a good deal if you can find one for around 250ish if you can't fork the extra 100.

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  2. In addition to EM's statements, I'd say the the Vanilla GF6800 is not a great card for the money, but if you are starting from scratch and have a limited budget it may be the best bet for $250. It's not worth it for an upgrade, and the GT and X800Pro are both significantly better cards, but considering that your monitor is somewhat limiting max setting, it will likely do fine, and more likely (for now) your system (CPU/MEM) will be holding you back alot more than the GF6800 could. However if you plan on upgrading your system in the next year or so, the GT would likley be a far better fit, and it'd definitely be worth the extra pinch of coin. However how much more and how tight your budget is would decide whether it's worth it to YOU personally.

    You may be able to OC the XP2500+ well, but it will depend on the MOBO alot, the memory modules won't be as big a factor as the feature on the mobo. I think there's a few people out there with this mobo, and may be able to help you better there, and likely that you would be better off in the 'CPU' or 'Overclocking CPU' sections once you start that.

    As for the PSU, there are a bunch of brands that are trusted around here, and you will hear them spoken of alot. There's alot of Fortron fans in the audience, I like PC Power & Cooling (someone told me they were made by Fortron, but I mark that as their being a Fortron supporter :evil: ) and Enermax (I currently have 2 [one 365-Whisper in my gaming rig, and one 465{standard} in my editing rig]).
    ANTEC has it's fans, but they did have initial issues with the power connected cards (R9700, FX5800) for some of their models.
    I like some of the features of CoolerMaster's new PSU, and OCZ has brought an interesting one out, but I've seen neither of them in extensive tests, just in single reviews. Zalman also has a nice little one that I saw before. Persoanlly for my next rig I'm leaning towards the PC Power and Cooling 510-Express, or the Enermax-651 (in a pinch I might settle for the 475 if the noisetaker is THAT quiet, and still reliable).

    With your set-up as listed you could even get away with a 365 Enermax IMO, but to be on the safe side with all the fans and 2 HDs, and whatever you may want to add 400W is likely a good choice. When your PC draws more than the PSU can handle, a few things can happen, the system can just crash and reboot; or it can start to cause anomalies, like stutters, corrupted images, etc.; or worse yet it can damage either part in the system like the MOBO or even FRY the PSU (there are a few people here with that experience).

    As for the Vertex engine being re-enabled, nothing that I've heard. Unwinder did expose them in his updates to Rivatuner, but I haven't heard of succesful mods to enable them. Speaking of which you might want to research WHICH GF6800 to buy, since they aren't all the same number of disabled vertex engines on all GF6800s.

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  3. first of all thanks to both of u for replying...
    yes i'm sort of limited on budget, i'm getting an 19" samsung lcd and plus a graphics card so i don't want to fly any higher :D. ~ $900 + new psu.

    so i'll stick to $250-300 for the cost i don't want to push my chances too far. (hmm so bfg tech is good? ok they oc but is it reliable?? the price on 6800gt i found it $400 will think about it..
    anyways I'll take your advice and will post on cpu oc section hopefully tomorror (my eyes are sore :D)

    kindda consfused about the psu, u've mentioned quite a few, i'll have to check out the prices first. will stick to at least $400 or $500 so that i won't have to upgrade that part at least :D(I very much doubt so but anyways..)

    i'll look into the brands. hopefully I won't buy a crappy one just bc it have more vertes engines :D
    ow and i'm planning on sticking to the new system i'm going to buy, at least for another year, i quite frankly don't suppose that any crazier graphics will be out by that time... maybe in 2006 but then longhorn might just be released and i'll most probably upgrade...(too soon to tell anyways aa crap i always talk to much and pointless when i'm tired and sleepy.) i stfu...

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  4. Pricewatch has an ASUS GF6800GT for $345, that would be a better choice IMO, if it is indeed a true GT. They also have eVGA ones for $377. They have the Leadtek A400 for $268. So if you COULD get the ASUS for that price it would be nice and NEAR your budget.

    BFG tech is OK. The thing about their OCs is that many have had trouble with D3 where they've had to tone down the OCs (D3 doesn't play well with mad OCs). So be warned, and if you do get it and experience issues, try returning it to 'true' stock levels and see if it fixes things.

    kindda consfused about the psu, u've mentioned quite a few, i'll have to check out the prices first. will stick to at least $400 or $500 so that i won't have to upgrade that part at least :D(I very much doubt so but anyways..)

    Whoa, WHOA! for $400 (especially US!) you can buy 2 of any of the ones I've listed if not 3 or more! These things aren't anywhere near that expensive!

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Enermax 470 Noisetaker I mentioned</A> $83 on NewEgg

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Fortron 530</A> $75

    Even a somewhat 'future-prepared' <A HREF="" target="_new">Enermax550 with 24 pin power header</A> is 'only' $135. And I'd say for now that may be overkill fo you. I want a BIG PSU because I don't want to buy one again and I'm going to probably start with a power hungry system and it can only get worse from there. You can wait for QUALITY 600W PSUs to come down in price for when you need them. Heck buying that noise taker and waiting and buying a replacement in a year or two may cost you less than the 550W after all is said and done.

    And there are cheaper models even amongst these!

    No need to pay more than $100 for a 'quality' PSU, as long as you don't need Flashy LEDs and other add-ons; and you're not buying for the next 3 generations :wink: .

    As for the brands, as with all PC hardware, always double check before you buy, because afterwards it's too late.

    Anywhooo, get some sleep and think over things.

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  5. hi there i've decided on the asus gf6800gt hope its going to be worth it, i'm hoping to keep it for a long while (i'm going back an forth with 6800gt branding..I've always chosed asus but is there a compariable performance difference or anything that i'll suffer from with other brands?, also i don't care if the card's fan is heavy as mentioned on the reviews :D)

    anyways now i'm also stuck with the psu's
    i've been going back and forth with antec and enermax, antec has a nice comparison page so it was eays to crossout the ones i didn't want buy enermax is confusing
    so i'm left with these:
    <A HREF="" target="_new">FC 460W</A>
    <A HREF="" target="_new">FCA 460W</A>
    <A HREF="" target="_new">noisetaker P 420+ W</A>
    <A HREF="" target="_new">FMA 550W</A>
    <A HREF="" target="_new">noisetaker AX 420+ W</A>

    i'm not sure how these ones above differ from each other? anyways here are the antec one's (same technology with different watts so i've to decide on the watts.)
    <A HREF="" target="_new">430W</A>
    <A HREF="" target="_new">480W</A>
    <A HREF="" target="_new">550W</A>
    <A HREF="" target="_new">450W silent.</A>

    also how silent are these? do they affect performance of psu or anything? how loud are the others? will I hear the fan when i'm playing a game?

    (ps. sorry for asking stupid questions, i really had not cared about psu that much b4. simply bc my systems were ok with any 300W, and my curreny sucky system is winfast gf4 440mx didn't care much about having ultra high quality in games those days :D)

    I should be okay with 400ish psu right? with 6800gt + 2 hdd + 1dvd writer + amd system will be oc'ed...

    thanks again!
  6. Well ASUS is a quality card maker, and really it's about overclocking and such that usually makes the difference among the quality makers. But ASUS is fine, and usually has great support software..

    As for the PSUs, the FC460 is the standard 460W, the FCA has an adjustable knob on the back to adjust the fan speed manually. The Noisetakers are different in that the AX has automatic voltage contol (big whoop like switching from 220[230]-110[115] is that hard).

    You should be OK with the 420s, but the 460 might give you a little more overhead. The 550 is probably overkill. I like the Whisper because I often have the computer running shareaza etc and I don't want it to intrude on other things. For gaming you shouldn't even notice a regular Enermmax. But if you are concerned get the FCA 460W cause then you can adjust the Fan speed/noise yourself (the regular FC uses the temperature probe to do that).

    Personally I don't like Antec, but the 480 should be fine. You'd be ok with the closer to 400w models but it's good to have some more headroom since you don't want to have to potentially upgrade again when you update to your next mobo.

    If the difference is big then you need to weigh the value, but for a few bucks more I'd go with the ones on the higer end of the 4xxW scale.

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  7. well asus is a go now :D that i'm totally convinced.
    now a friend just mentioned thermaltake psu's, they sure look fancy (i don't look at antec anymore, your 1 word was enough for me to give up antec lol)
    i don't really want the purepower series, didn't like the idea of copper fins and they look big. and only 350W.
    <A HREF="" target="_new">thermaltake comparison</A>
    ok last question on psu's,
    thermaltake or enermax, and which particular one in those brands, does anyone use the fan adjustment in 5'25 drive bay? (yea looks nice but is it functional?)

    and I'm looking at 400+W range, i don't think i need to suck up 500+ watt right now..
    ow and which color psu should I get, :P lol just kidding :D

    hope i won't bother again on this topic...

  8. Well I'm not sure about Thermaltake, they make GREAT CPU HSG assemblies, but I've never seen their PSUs really reviewed, and alot of people here aren't impressed by their Cases (I like the way they look), some negative geedback from the group though.

    Basically I don't know. They seem to have all the features, but I couldn't comment on them for quality, although they are undoubtably better than no name.

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  9. The Tech Report did a PSU comparo, and not surprising who came out on top (Enermax shared with OCZ).

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    The 3.3 volt rail seems a little tiny bit off, but the 15 and 5 are as spot on as it gets.

    And the temperatures and noise levels the best or tied for second just about every time.

    This may give you an idea of some of the PSUs in the range you were considering.

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  10. an essay competition going on in here. maybe i shld post one too.....oops just did it :lol:

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  11. thanks TheGreatGrapeApe
    I'm going with enermax for sure, just have to decide on the watts.

    @priyajeet why do u feel like spamming my question with your lame posts?
  12. Cool, enjoy! Get a nice colour of course :lol:

    As for PJ, he needs to increase his post count :evil: , and seems to have a personal interest in the length of my replies to people. :lol:

    Main thing is you get some good info, and come to your own conclusions, which is what everyone needs, to be happy with their own choices.

    Anywhoo, have fun, I envy your system building now, personally still can't justify pulling the trigger just yet with the limited options out there for me. But remember always read the manual first, and keep things unplugged (I actually removed and re-installed a network card once while the machine was running just because I'd taken things in and out about 6 times in a row in under an hour and didn't stop to think. D'oh! Surprisingly the card still works! :eek:

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  13. lol :D

    1 hard thing when reading articles and asking for friends advices are when u ask them a question most often they reply "i've bought this and i don't have any problems with it" and u can hear this for lots and lots of hardware and software. so its real hard to decide and the tests don't always answer my questions.

    anyways I really appriciate your help
    btw I had just sent u a pm I think b4 u replied here, anyways.

    THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP! i'll post my 3dmark score after i get my system :) (hopefully soon!!!)
    (and there will be more questions hahaha, it'll be about oc'ing then :D) of course in oc thread :D

    see ya.
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