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IPad 3rd generation questions

Hello guys, I have 2 questions. I'm sure they have been asked time and time again but Google doesn't give a definite answer.
So here are my questions

1) Is there any FREE way via an APP or a Browser to play Flash content? I have tried Frash but it does not work.

2) Is there any way to install Windows XP or Android on the iPad? I have seen videos of people having it installed on their iPads but I can't find a How To on how to do it. I don't want a remote session to the iPad I want to know if there is a way to emulate Windows XP or Android on the machine.

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    1- iSwifter app
    2- Why would you even remotely want to do that?
  2. 1 - Does iswifter convert to files or does it just play them? <--iSwifter isn't free it's an eval for 7 days. I meant something free.
    2 - For complete curiosity. Just to know how it works on the iPad
  3. 1- jailbreak your ipad and all is free, if you wish
    2- it doesn't work and would only be slower - that's what netbooks and laptops are for, or chinese clones that look like ipads but are tablets
  4. 1- Puffin works also and has a free download
  5. 1) Jailbreak+Frash works, not sure why it doesn't for you. Another option is using the Skyfire browser from the app store, but that doesnt always work. In any case Flash is dead and any site supporting it is a trash website anyway. Most flash websites detect iphone/ipad and show the mobile un-flashed version.

    2) No, you can't install Android or Windows XP because XP would find no drivers and if you want Android, then get another tablet.

    Any video you've seen showing XP or Android is sure to be a Skin using Dreamboard or alternatives which is just a UI change.
  6. Are you sure Frash works on iOS 5.1.1?
    It installs for me
    I get the flash logo that pops up
    but then nothing happens.
    I get the error
    _abort() food.c:43
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