RMA -ing a Laptop charger.

Does ASUS RMA the chargers for their laptop?

I could repair it but if i can RMA it then it would be better getting a new one.

The charger seems to of shorted near the tip (inside the wire), happened last night, made my laptop turn off (still works fine on battery), the LED on the charger lights faintly is i move it about.

And why isn't there more options for sub- catergory other than General Discussion, Acer and Ipad?
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  1. Hi,

    Contact support and explain the problem in details and they should replace it.
  2. I did contact them, they said As long there is no tear or wear damage la la la RMA it basically, there is a tiny cut in the plastic, i will take a pic later as i,m in a different house from the laptop charger.
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