How to choose a good laptop for Software development purposes

Hi i am developing softwares on my desktop PC.I have decided to buy a new laptop for same purpose .I have a big confusion on selecting a laptop.I am considering Processor speed,RAM Speed,hard disk,durability of laptop,Battery life and low heat.I am normally a guy always trying to new features of new technologies i .For an example i always Compile new programming languages features,new frameworks,new SDK and etc.I am not a program language specific guy.I am regularly doing C++,C,Java and C# . These days i am checking Microsoft Robotic studio and Android based mobile development.One more important think is i like to use Dual OS on my laptop (Ubundu and Widows 7)These are my general works on a computer.Can any one suggest following things to me

My budget is 1000$ Can any one Suggest 10 recommended laptops i can buy for my requirement?

What are other recommended features i should concern on buying a new laptop for my requirements?

I searched every where on Google but i couldn't get a proper decision.I am expecting great suggestions from C Nent users.One more think is I cant go Mac book because i don't have enough budget to buy that.

Thanks for Advance
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  1. 10? Why 10 laptops? Are you planning on buying all of them?

    Thank you for your effort to be detailed in that lengthy paragraph you wrote above.. but what will help the most is when you fill out this FAQ and put your answers on this thread..
  2. When looking on a laptop for SW Development, do you want it to be desktop replacement? That is, if you have good monitor, keyboard, mouse, then look at laptop with best CPU / RAM / HDD in your budget.

    If you intend to use the laptop as a portable, then look for a laptop with good screen, then lot of RAM, then lot of HDD, then good CPU.

    For $1000 (US), I would go with some Dell XPS 14/15, or a brand that has good support in your country.
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