Could someone help me out?

I have been shopping for a laptop for a while now and found a good deal on a dell w/ p4 2.8 ghz for 800$. It is only available with integrated intel extreme graphics though, and I don't think there's a AGP slot.. I've heard alot of negative things about integrated graphics. What if I wan't to play games? Will I regret buying this in the future?
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  1. Well, a laptop never has an AGP slot (just as in a desktop mobo). When it says integrated, thats integrated AGP graphics, so instead of putting the slot in there and putting a mini card (not possible) they just integrate the AGP card into the mobo.

    Integrated graphics might share your system memory. I suggest going in for something like a 5000+ series Dell laptop, with something like geforce FX Go, or Radeon 9600.

    Grape here bought a laptop too, he might know which is a better chipset in there.

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  2. Personally I'd steer WAY clear of of both Dell and Integrated Graphics. Like Priya said - look for something with Nvidia or ATI on boad.

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  3. the last time i've heard, Grape's notebook has a POS graphic solution lolz

    seriously....gaming notebook is an oxymoron. Also, unless you are looking for a desktop replacement (fat bulky hot heavey) notebook, you wont find any notebook with good graphics solution (except maybe XGI ;) ) especially when you are on a budget.

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  4. Quote:
    Grape's notebook has a POS graphic solution lolz

    You Ba$$tard!

    BTW, it sucks, but it's still better than alot of others out there, it still plays D3 man.

    However you're correct, gaming laptop is an issue thanks to the native resolution of the LCD. For some games you're OK, but for others it has a negative impact.

    But I will say this, if you are going to get a Dell and you do want to do SEIOUS gaming, then the 5xxx series is not for you. The DELL 8xxx series is the first with the ATI Mobility R96xx (I don't know if it still starts with FXgo5200 or not), then the Dell 9xxx series is like the XPS series and it starts with an R9700 64mb now (used to start with the R9600 too).

    Really it all depends on the level of gaming someone is looking for. I was tempted to got with the Dell9100 w/ the MR9700 64mb, but for $1,100 just so I can play games 1-4 hours a month? In the US it's a little easier, there are alot of smaller notebook makers who START with the R9600 64mb, and work their way up from there, and that would be the minimum IMO. But for the Top end still nothing beats the XPS with the R9800, well at least until the Acer with the X600 ships, and the Eurocomm with the GF6800GO ships (the InQ reported it recently, but Eurcomm has been announcing the GF6800GO on their site for months [since when I was shopping]).

    For occasional gaming my laptop is fine but I wouldn't expect it to play upcoming titles very well, especially HL2 consider it's an FX afterall. And the question is whether it's worth all that coin for a gaming laptop. Once they put the GMA900 class of IGP into the laptops then you'll have the same power as mine in an integrated solution.

    My biggest regret isn't the gaming speed but the loss of trackpoint, and the lack of IBM's features.

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  5. Dell makes decent laptops, ALL laptops have severe restrictions.

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  6. Thanks for all the advice.
  7. Oh, BTW, Integrated means "on chipset". As oposed to the old meaning of integrated, which meant "on motherboard" back in the mid 90's. Dell has 2 ways to build, either with a graphics daughterboard or without. Without the graphics daughterboard, you have only chipset graphics available from them.

    Other companies integrate a graphics chip onto their high end laptop boards, but still only refer to the graphics as "integrated" when it's on-chipset.

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