[Help!] Laptop won't charge at all


Laptop: Gateway M-1626
Specs: http://support.gateway.com/s/Mobile/2008/Avalon/1015412R/1015412Rsp3.shtml

At first I had to wiggle the laptop charger cord (intermittent charging), so bought new laptop charger.

Accidentally left the old charger plugged into laptop and it seemed to semi-fuse to the DC power port on laptop.

Pulled the old charger out, and now laptop doesn't charge at all with new charger.

Any advice?

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  1. The best thing you can do at this point is take the unit to a repair center. If that is going to be too expensive, then get rid of it. It sounds like it has a serious, and potentially dangerous, electrical fault. I would not plug it back in until it has been looked at by someone.
  2. Hi,

    If it's still under warranty contact gateway for repairs, if not

    you can to a local electronic store and repair it for about 100 to 200 $

    BTW gateway laptop are cheap, get another brand next time

    top brand Asus / msi

    2nd acer / hp / dell / apple / sony (get extended warranty as you will get trouble with 2-3 years of normal usage)

    bottom feeders (don't touch with 10 foot pole) gateway / toshiba,
  3. if the ac adaptor shorted out then it may have taken the mb or charing board if this laptop has a daughter board for power with it. if your lucky the power plug on the laptop the solider joint is broken. it a standard pasrt that you can order from digikey. you just have to soilder to old one off and soilder the new one on if it out of warranty.
  4. Thanks guys,

    Ordered the DC jack part and going to take it for repair 8/20. See what they say.

    Also, thanks for the new laptop suggestions. My next purchase wont be so cheap (gateway).
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