XP install hang... HELP!???

Please, for the love of god, help me.

OK, I'm putting together a system with an ASUS A7V8X-X mobo and athlon 2200+.

The only card in it so far is a Radeon 9000 PRO. Only other peripherals are the floppy, HD, and CD-ROM.

BIOS works fine with the keyboard.

Installing XP... boots off the CD no problem. Everything seems to work okey-dokey until it gets to the screen where it asks you what you want to do (Install XP, recover a previous install of XP, etc.)

Then it hangs. I can press enter until the cows come home... no dice. And I know it's not the keyboard because I can abort the install using the keyboard until it hits this screen.

Once the install hits this screen though, even CTRL-ALT-DEL won't do anything. It seems like a hard crash.

I've tried replacing the video card with another one lying around... no dice. I can fdiskt he drive if I boot off a floppy, so I don't think it's a drive issue. I know the CD is good, and the CD-ROM is from a working machine.

Any ideas? I'm at a loss here.

Thanks for your time,

- Cleeve

Radeon 9500 w/256 bit memory bus @ 367/310
AMD AthlonXP 2000+
3dMark03: 3439
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  1. one possibility: Try underclocking the RAM just for the install.

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    jlanka (. .)
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