Buying a laptop just to play some old games on Windows XP

I had an old 11 year old dell desktop computer which was never upgraded and played older games like Roller Coaster and Zoo tycoon fine. However I chucked it along with the Windows XP disk and now only have computers running Windows 7 Home Edition. I do not want to go through the virtual set up and would just like to purchase a laptop I can just play my older games with that need Windows XP.

I'd just like your opinions if this is a good laptop vs the price vs what i want to use it for?

The games I will be playing are:
Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection
Roller Coaster Tycoon 2
Theme Hospital
The Movie

Or you can recommend me what specs I should be aiming for and stuff..
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  1. I think that laptop would work okay for what you want but I do have an alternative that is just slightly more (more computer too)
    Just throwing options out there for ya
    I have used and continue to use Directron for some of my personal PC purchases.
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