How to setup a WAN across the internet?

me and some mates want to play minecraft but because we do not have a wide area connection we only have local area connection this means i can not go on with him at my house but i can at his :bounce:
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  1. For a WAN type connection to work you would have to live close enough to his house to get the wifi signal. The easier solution is to get his external IP (you can do this by just typing in google "Whats my IP"

    Then find the port of his server (this will be in your server config file) then put his external IP separated by either a colon or semi colon, then the port number, no spaces.

    If that doesn't work he needs to open up some ports and allow it through his firewall.

    Or if thats to complicated you could always setup hamachi. Post back with any troubles you might be having.
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