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Can anyone help ? i've just bought my son the Samsung NP550P7C-S02UK Intel® Core™ i7 Processor 8Gb, 1TB 17.3 inch Blu-ay Laptop - Silver , and he's stuck , he did not know that it had it's own integrated graphics as well as the nVidia GT650m 2Gb Graphics , he wanted this one because of the nVidia graphics for his gaming aswell as he uni work , but he installed a game & it's only working from the integrated graphics , he does not know how to get the nVidia graphics to work , it does not even explain how in the laptop manual , i would be very gratfull if anyone can answer my query .
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  1. right click on desktop. u will see a option "configure switchable graphics". There u will have that option to choose graphics type with respect to program. generally u will have to choose between normal and performance. It is self explanatory.
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