Lenovo y580 or asus g75vw-bbk5


I need a new laptop and have been searching around for quality/reliability for my needs. My budget max is 1400$, and I will be using the system for school, gaming, sibelius music software, and as my computer for when I start teaching next year.

Currently I have found a few options, but narrowed down to 2 after finding reliability reviews and pricing:
Lenovo y580 and Asus g75vw-bbk5
they both have intel core i7-3610QM proccessor, windows 7 home premium 64bit, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660M 2gb, and 8GB RAM.
the lenovo has a 15.6" screen with 1920x1080 compared to the asus 17.3" 1366x768, lenovo has a 500GB 7200 rpm to the asus's 1TB 5400rpm.
The special features that I find to be the struggle of the decision between the two are that the lenovo has blu-ray and is cheap enough to have an extended warranty, while the asus has a better battery (8cell compared to 6cell) along with the creative cooling system. Price of the lenovo is 1055.84 and asus is 1249.99 after discounts I have found.

I was looking for opinions or experiences with these systems that can help provide info to which would be a better choice, or if there is a different laptop I should look at (or if either one of these two would be great either way).
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  1. 1. So, you are saying the screen is the deciding factor between the two and to take the lenovo?

    2. I had looked at different tools that review graphics card performance by fps of different games, and seeing as the games are less demaning than WoW, the 660m shouldnt be a problem, so I would rather not spend more and 1400 is the absolute top of my price range and would help me to be less than that.

    3.The games arent very demanding as I said, but I do actively play them. Currently, Atlantica online and wow are most played. I do not need the best that I can get, but do need a good-quality system that will be reliable. Battery-life is not too much of an issue seeing as how I have access to a power outlet almost every place I use my current laptop. Also, weight is not much of an issue, sure I dont want to carry around a brick, but I dont mind a couple pounds difference (backpack/laptop carrier is very durable).

    4. I actually reviewed different MSI including a fair-priced GT780, but decided againt it due to reviews citing problems with reliability of overheating, poor customer service, and driver issues. I do not want a repeat experience of my current laptop, unfortunately an Inspiron. Also, 1450 is out of my budget seeing as how I only want to spend 1400 if I absolutely have to.
  2. Thank you, I will look into that one, but never know I might find a more demanding game.
    End the end, whole lot better than this unreliable dell inspiron with soldered integrated chipset graphics.
  3. Lenovo, hands down, i loved every thinkpad ive owned especially my current x61 ultra-portable, just wish they had more AMD powered machines..
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