which card??

I'm pretty set on the sapphire 9600xt 128 mb card, But i'm considering going with the 9800 card. Should i go with the

1)9800(regular) 128mb, 256 bit card or
2)9800 pro 128mb , 128 bit

I don't want to go with the 9800 pro 128mb, 256 bit card because it's a little to much.the other 2 are $25.00 dollars more than the 9600 xt but the question no ones really answered me is: Is there going to be that much of a performance boost to justify the $25.00 dollars more. Or should i just go with the 9600xt and wait untill later and get the 9800 pro 256mb card whens it cheaper? We don't play any real intence graphical games like doom 3, or half life 2(when it comes out) more like Need for Speed Underground, or sports games. So what should it be?
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  1. Still looking huh. Here is the definate order of performance.

    9800 Pro 256-bit > 9800 256-bit > 9800 Pro 128-bit.

    Unknown for sure is the 9800 Pro 128-bit vs. 9600XT. I'd suspect that the 128-bit 9800 pro would win out most of the time. Just a guess though. The 9800 Pro 128-bit is slower than a plain 9700 non-pro.

    Anyway, the 9800 256-bit would be the quicker of the two you mentioned.

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  2. The 9800 Pro 128-bit is a newer version of the 9500 Pro. The 9800 Pro 256-bit is a newer version of the 9700 Pro. The 9800 is around the same performance as the 9700 Pro. Which do you think works the best?

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