How to reboot an acer aspire 5742 laptop

laptop says no bootable divce .. insert bot disk ? dont have one ? help
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    I can tell you why you are getting the message which is (kinda obvious) your computer is not "seeing" your harddrive. There is one thing you can try that is easy and non-invasive which may get your computer "talking" to the hard drive again.
    1) unplug power adapter from laptop
    2) remove battery
    3) while unplugged and battery out, press and hold power button for ~30 seconds
    4) replace battery
    5) plug in power adapter
    6) power on computer
    If your error remains, the next steps become somewhat more invasive requiring getting into the inside of the laptop. With your laptop model, the hard drive, ram and CMOS battery are all readily accessible under the bottom hatch which will make things a little easier if you want to get in there.
    Please report back and let us know how the soft reset went and if you want to get further into your laptop.
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