My ASUS notebook charger won't work,and laptop doesn't charge

just recently, i tried charging my ASUS notebook as it had shut down because of low battery, but when I tried charging it, the blue light in the charger doesn't appear, and if it does, after about fifteen minutes before trying again, it just lasts about five seconds and the orange light that means the laptop is charging isn't flashing at all! I searched google, and the results was that I'd take my battery out, but i can't locate it, so help!!
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  1. What ASUS notebook have you got.

    Your need a new charger, Go to the Asus website and fill this in and wait for a reply and see what they say or buy a replacment charger from ebay or something.
  2. Basically underneath your laptop you should have to slider switches both need to be slided to unlock, once this done you can then unslide your battery, make sure you do not have your charger in at this point. Then once battery removed plug your charger back in and try turn on. If now you get nothing, chances are is your Asus power cable. So you need a new Asus charger. You can find a wide range of here: Asus laptop chargers select the one needed and get one and hopefully end of problems for you.
  3. Hello! Even if you have fixed it ;)
    My problem was that my charger input in my pc was not straight.
    I fixed this by straighten it out With a screwdriver.
  4. your battery is around the henge of the laptop. there are two button to pull to remove the battery one stays where you put it and the other you. they are on opposite side of the laptop and once they are unlocked then you can remove the battery
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