GeXCube 9600XT (256mb) - Noisy Fan!

I was wondering if anyone has any advice.

The last couple of days when I turn my PC on there was a "VRRR" noise coming from something, this morning I narrowed it down to the Graphics card fan, (touched it quickly and it stopped the noise).

Now it only does it upon a Cold start on the machine after I have left it off for a number of hours, and the fan happily spins away after I touched it quickly or yesterday tipped the case on its side to find out what the problem was.

I purchased the card around August 14th and Im sure its still under warranty as its not even 2 months yet, but whats the deal with this? is it a common thing among ATI cards? as if I go to get it replaced will I come across this problem again?

- the card isn't Overclocked either.

I read elsewhere, on these forums, you can replace the fan/remove the fan and see if its overheating on the heatsink but as Im no technician I dont want to damage the card completely or wouldnt know what to do to replace the fans etc.

As this is my first ATI card after using Nvidia ones for a number of years, if its an issue that could later cost me the graphics card after the warranty has expired I would be tempted to go back to Nvidia, as the 'GeForce4 Ti 4600' I had prior lasted longer than a year and was still going without any noisy fans.

Thanks for any help/suggestions.

-- 09
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  1. It sounds like your bearings may either be going or getting gummed up. Did you try using some canned air? Keep an eye on the card because before HSFs fail they make funny noises. As long as you're not runnign OC'd like you say, even a stopped fan shouldn't kill the card right away but playing for a long period on the dead hsf could damage the card. However contact GeXPuke and replace the card, IF you can return it to your point of purchase get a different MFR, GeXPuke sux!

    is it a common thing among ATI cards?

    No but it is common among Gag n' Puke ie GeXPuke's line of products. It does also happen on other cards, even people here have had it happen on GF4tis, R9700Pro, etc. However GePuke is quite a notoriously poor manufacturer along with the old Powercolor (Guru3D says they've changed, but the jury's still out).

    First try compressed air, then return your card. And don't touch the blades of something that works on tiny ball bearings and a weak motor! If anything blow on it, that'll change the pitch and identify it as the source as well.

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  2. Yeah wouldnt be surprised actually with the cheapness, as when I did buy it and opened the packet I saw the poxy fan in the middle of the heatsink kinda just looked sat on there and did say something about it at the time to my girlfriend.

    As for touching it, I touched the middle of the fan not the blades, not that either method would help but at least it narrowed it down as to what the noise was coming from.

    I dont think the place I bought it from here in Australia actually has any other brands for the ATI range according to their website.

    Ill try cleaning it a bit like you said but being new I seriously doubt its that dirty.

    I suppose if I do get a replacement that I cant really expect a different brand if they dont have any so I dont suppose I have any other option.

  3. Yeah , unfortunately if the supply is limited, so may be your options. Don't know if there are any R9800Pro going on sale there either (more robust HSF usually too) as it would offer a performance boost at the same time.

    Too bad you're not adventurous/techie-geekie, then you could mod it yourself with something that would liklely last longer, be quieter (the R9600 series has always been kinda whiney to begin with [although I don't notice mine with the Case closed at all]).

    I wouldn't worry about it immediately, especially if you want to replace it, heck you could run it into the ground and get a replacement. But if the noise is annoying you may want to check your options.

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  4. well the price different with the 9800xt and 9600xt was about $250-300AUD with the same amount of ram (256) which is why I opted for the cheaper one as I didnt need anything intense just enough for work, and games.

    Its not a big concern at this stage, just when I cold boot it tends to make a noise, although I havent actually left it running to see if it stops, I just turned the PC off and touched the fan then turned it back on.

    what else can I do if this happens on my replacement? just get a new fan and click it on or is there more to it?

  5. I took a closer look at the card, after pulling it out and checking it, I noticed there is a black/red wire going from the board and through the fins (heatsink) to the fan, which obviously powers the fan.

    When i pulled the card out I spun the fan a bit and noticed it was catching something to which ended up being the wire, so from what I gather (Im 80% sure this is the cause) is that cos the fan and card are facing downwards in the case the wire is going with gravity and falling into the actual fan blades as when the fan hasnt been used for hours the wire probably falls to rest on it and when the PC is turned on the fan starts catching it, and I guess after touching the fan or tipping the case on its side the wire falls back away from the fan blades and stays.

    So what I have done is just push the wire back into the fins more and behind a transistor on the board so it isnt as loose hanging down.

    Im hoping this is the issue, but at this stage I wont be able to tell until I check again after the computer has been off for a number of hours and put my theory into play.

    And as its not dirty enough before I cleaned it a bit that should'nt be the problem.

    Ill keep you posted in anycase.

  6. Good luck I hope that does it.

    I had the same problem with a CPU fan, and every time I opened the case the offending wire (strapped to the case door would move out of the way. Took about 2 hours of fiddling to figure it out, now all wires are straped out of the way.

    Hopefully this will work for you, and hopefully the card will last long enough for your X700XT/GF6600GT AGP replacement. :cool:

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