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I've seen several cases of people getting invasive popups through MSN Messeger (Windows Messenger) with ads and stuff. Virus definitions and updates are current. All options have been explored in tools->options->preferences. These things will evidently pop up even if Messenger isn't open, doing things like knocking you to the desktop from a game or spawning a huge chain of popups. I don't have this on my system but I've heard several people complaining. Anyown know what's up?
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  1. There are downloadable programs available that block popups.
    I saw one on those PC utility discs you get from newsagents- it had 501 progams on it.

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  2. Turn on the windows firewall or disable the messenger service (not possitive about this last suggestion). Someone said that the messenger service isn't related to the IM program but is a service for sending IM's over a network.

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  3. if its a grey screen that pops up something like when a file down load is completed? then its the messenger service that is automatically turned on when windows is loaded. just go to control panel > admin tools> services scroll down til you see messenger service and click stop and then disable it. the messenger service does not affect windows messenger. if they come thru on that? simply log out or goto windows explorer then to the c:/ drive > program files and rename to messengeroff. reboot and the troubles will be gone.
  4. put a firewall and they will disapear. It because of open ports/service in windows that ppl can do that over the net.

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  5. Dont bother with a firewal as it will use system resources. I had the same thing, the above suggestion should work. an easier way to do it though is download XP-Antispy. Its a small utility that enables you to make a few changes in XP one of the is to turn windows messenger service off....its all just tick boxes. Hope this helps!

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  6. What James35 said.

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  7. thats what i meant basically.

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  8. I'm surprised at how quickly this has become the most asked Windows question on the net. Every forum I visit has at least one or two people asking this question on the first page. I'll think I'll compile some information in a text file and just cut&paste every time this question pops up.
  9. run/msconfig, click on the services tab and scroll down and uncheck messanger. That turns it off permanantly. :wink:

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  10. but you can't do it on sp1. even how many times i uncheck it msconfig it will return back again.

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  11. You've got to change the "Startup Type" to disabled, or it'll just reactivate itself every time you reboot. Here's the book I wrote regarding this issue, it's mostly cut & pastes from Microsoft.

    <b>Description of the Messenger Service in WinXP:</b>
    Transmits net send and Alerter service messages between clients and
    servers. This service is not related to Windows Messenger. If this
    service is stopped, Alerter messages will not be transmitted. If this
    service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will
    fail to start.

    Do not use MSCONFIG to disable services. Instead type "services.msc"
    at the RUN dialogue.

    WHY? Because MSCONFIG will allow you to disable a service that is
    vital to boot your system. With the Management Console (services.msc),
    you cannot disable vital boot services.

    When you are connected to the Internet, a new window may open on your
    computer screen containing an advertisement. The windows are labeled
    Messenger Service in the title bar. However, these messages, which are
    sometimes called "messenger spam," are not related to Windows
    Messenger, MSN® Messenger or such instant messaging services. Disabling
    your instant messaging services will not stop this form of

    These advertisements are sent via the Messenger Service, which is
    designed for use by system administrators in Windows server-client
    networks. System administrators use the messenger service to send
    messages that notify you of conditions on or give status about your
    network. However, some advertisers have started using this service to
    send their information via the Internet.

    When you disable the messenger service, it is no longer available
    for receiving legitimate messages, such as administrative alerts and
    notifications from antivirus programs. Be sure to talk with your
    system administrator before taking this action if your computer is
    part of a corporate network.

    <b>How to disable the Messenger Service:</b>
    1) Start > Run > type "services.msc"
    2) Scroll down to "Messenger" and double click to open.
    3) Set "Startup type" to "Disabled"
    4) Click "Stop" under "Service status"
    5) Press Apply/Ok. Exit the Services Management Console.

    Be careful not to change anything other than what you intend to.
  12. If we're not talking about spam or popup messages coming in over the Messenger <i>Service</i> (which kinetic_tw has thoroughly and efficiently covered) but Windows Messenger, there are a couple of ways to remove the program, as illustrated in these links:

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Remove Windows Messenger</A>

    And my personal perference (editing the sysoc.inf file), which allows the program to be uninstalled through Add/Remove Programs, or with the "RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\inf\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove" (no quotes) command mentioned in the first link:

    <A HREF="" target="_new">How to remove Windows Messenger from Windows XP</A>


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  13. So, Toey, I've got to ask... :cool:

    Do you keep a huge library of links on hand for every imaginable question, or do you just know exactly where to look when a question pops up? (Serious Question)
  14. Uh, both. :lol:

    I do a lot of reading, and usually remember what I saw, and where. If the topic seems important (or might prove to be useful in the future) I make a bookmark, and drop the link into a folder. It's just a habit that somehow got started, years ago, when I first began cruising message boards like this one, and answering questions.

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  15. That acutally sounds like something you could seriously market!

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  16. 2200 of ToeJam31's favorite PC troubleshooting links...Order it today for 3 easy payments of $19.95!

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