FF: Four LaserJet II printers (in SE MI)

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Well actually it is more like 4 1/2. I took one apart to see if there
were any useful chips on the main PCB. There is an 8 MHz 68000, a
6850, some TMS4256 RAM, some 6116 SRAM (SOIC package), and some 62321
(prob. SRAM). In addition to the usual TTL glue and several
Canon-marked ASICs. THE BAD NEWS: it is all soldered, no sockets. So
this would probably only interest people with a solder pot or some
other way of removing soldered chips. (Anyone know of a homebrew
method of doing this, w/o destroying the ICs?)

If anyone is interested in them as printers, they are missing the toner
cartridges and fuser modules. Other than that, they're intact and
could perhaps be made to operate.

If nothing else, it was educational to take one apart and see what's in
there. I can see why these were so expensive when they were new!

They're in Roseville, MI which is just north of Detroit. Shipping,
although I won't rule it out, would be pretty expensive as these are
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  1. Archived from groups: rec.games.video.arcade.collecting (More info?)

    Try a high powered heat gun or a propane (or Butane or other gas
    powered) torch...I would apply the heat to bottom of the board,
    however, do so at our own risk.
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