Ati Driver Causes Failure in smoothing for LCD

I need help. I AM GOING INSANE!
Anyway, here is my problem.

If I install any kind of ATI driver(catalyst 4.9 / earlier versions)
or variations (Omega), smoothing on my monitor fails to work.
What I mean is that if I change the resolution of my TFT to one that isn't its native resolution the text looks messed up.

Now, when I uninstall all instances of the ATI driver the smoothing process works brilliantly and I'm able to use the monitor fine on non-native resolutions.

I've been playing around with settings, installing new drivers for days now, and its driving me MAD! What else can I do?

One thing I notice which might be a problem (when the ATI drivers are installed)is that when I go into 'settings' of 'Display Properties'
Listed under display is
1. Iiyama 431 Monitor on RADEON 9800 PRO
2.(Default Monitor) on RADEON 9800 Pro - Secondary

Its a long shot but I'm thinking maybe there is a conflict as the second monitor option is stated as default monitor. I feel if I somehow remove
the second monitor or change default(I use a single monitor and do not have any other connected) this might solve the problem.

My hardware is

MSI K8N Neo Motherboard
Sapphire 9800 Pro
Iiyama E431S TFT using DVI connection (Also tried Analogue)

Please someone, anyone, help me. Honestly you will save me from this slippery road of INSANITY!
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  1. First, don't uninstall the second monitor listed, it is simply the other output (DVI/VGA). You should be able to select primary/secondary (not sure while at work though).

    By smoothing is this a default of the monitor or is this using the CleaType font smoothing within Windows?

    Now what may be happening is that you don't have it selected by default, and when XP works in conjunctions with your monitor drivers it will automatically switch on Clear Type when a resolution outside of native is selected. The ATI drivers likely override that. Just curious but have you checked after the ATI driver install whether or not Clear Type is selected?

    Windows help info on the subject;
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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  2. Thnaks for the reply.
    The problem doesn't seem to be about CleaType. I always have it selected. The problem is that when you change resolutions to a non-native resolution, recent LCDS are able to smooth out and scale the display. It doesn't look as good as it would on native, but it is useable.

    Now my problem is, this feature works fine on all resolutions when ATI drivers are not installed, but when I install ATI drivers non-native resolutions are unusable as this feature fails to work. The text and graphics are therefore corrupt looking and generally messed up.
  3. Going out of your LCD's native resolution?....Hmmmmm.

    And btw...ATi's drivers suck.

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  4. >Going out of your LCD's native resolution?....Hmmmmm.

    I understand native resloution is best for LCDs, but there are times when droping down from the resolution is needed. This is where recent LCDs feature of scaling and smoothing is useful.

    Seriously, what am I wording incorrectly?

    It works when drivers are not installed and doesn't when they are. I am questioning why this is happening and how I may be able to fix it.

    >And btw...ATi's drivers suck.

    Thank you. I have now lost the will to continue with this thread.
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