Lenovo Y580 vs Sager NP9130


Getting a laptop for college tonight. I will be using it for work, watching movies and the occasional game. Which laptop (between the two stated in the title) would you recommend and why? If there are any other laptops in this price range (which are better), please feel free to state them ;)

I would really appreciate some input as I want to try and purchase this laptop ASAP. I have a flight and also I am just really impatient!

Peace :)
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  1. it depends on what will it used for if just occasional gaming use. i think just 650 is far more enough it also depend on what kinds of game you occasional play if just buder teh BF3 i think 650 will be enough for you
    if have to make a choice between those i then to choose 580 coz soem games have a a special require on the of video memory to run better and lenpvo's product always have the excellent quality
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