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Out of the blue, my Acer Aspire 5810 laptop will not turn on. After researching the posts on the forums, I have used the recommendations to remove the battery, the power cord and hold the power button for 5 seconds. Sadly, this didn't work. I tried removing the battery, power cord, then holding down on/off then removing the cmos battery and yea, it would turned on. This is the procedure I now use each morning.

I've ran the laptop only on the 6 cell battery, it discharged, and it recharged. I've ran the laptop on a/c power, it works. I've performed a factory restore too.

Please do I fix it?
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  1. You have an Acer, nuff said. The only think Acer laptops should be used for are as a cruel joke to play on people that you hate.

    It sounds to me like either the main battery or the clock battery may be dead. The clock battery is usually just a button cell which can be replaced easily.

    If it runs only on AC power, then your main battery is dead (you will know that this is the case if it refuses to hold a charge and turns off instantly as soon as the power cord is removed) and will need to be replaced. I've had a few which just die completely, even from reputable OEMs such as Asus.

    Try replacing the clock battery first because it's cheap to do. Then experiment with the main battery.
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