BFG 6800GT OC, heatsink mod...


First of all I dont want to spend $30 on the NV5 silencer when a better aftermarket heatsink/fan will probably come out eventually.

So Im thinking how about I lap the stock heatsink? Its the most horribly rough heatsink surface Ive ever seen, anyone think lapping is possible or is it best to not mess with?

Also, notice inside the heatsink the actual ribbed/grill heatsink? If you cut holes in the top of the heatsink and put a fan blowing onto the video card then you can cool that grill/heatsink inside much better. Picture it?

Seems like a good idea to me... BFG owners gimme your input on this.
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  1. heya Ohno;

    If the heatsink surface truly is that rough then lapping it might help, i havent had the heatsink off of mine so i wouldnt know, however i dont seem to have any problems with mine over heating, so is not an issue. The stock HSF uses heatpipe technology so im not sure there is going to be a better aftermarket cooler, if you add another fan ontop all you are going to get is turbulance i dont think it would be a good idea. I really dont see what there is to do with it unless you wanna take off the stock HSF and put a water cooling block on it, which from what your saying you have no intention of spending the money to so that, so i dont see what you can do other then leave it the way it is and stop trying to OC it to the moon. If you wanted higher 3DMarks [insert chuckle here], then you should have bought a 6800Ultra Extreme. :tongue:
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