Retina Display Confusion

Hi everyone,

I'm planning to buy a Macbook Pro [first time] for editing purposes and considering it a better option than I-mac so that i get portability too.
I'm highly confused at the moment.

Out of Three options available that is 13",15" and Retina display. I've Ruled out 13inch as it's Dual Core.

Now 15" MBP and Retina Display differ in Screen Resolution and This is what confusing me.

Main Questions:

1) HD Videos are 1920x1080 and Max screen Resolution 15"MBP gives is 1440x900. So, Does a lower resolution of 15" causes problem in editing like Hanging Up or smth?
2) 15" MBP has 4GB RAM and i feel like having 8GB which will shoot the cost from $1800 to close to $2100 perhaps which is price of 2.3Ghz Retina Display. So is upgrading Logical thing to do?
Sorry but one last confusion.
3) Retina Display doesn't has Optical Drive and Firewire port So i'll have to buy them even after i buy a $2100 Retina Display.

What do you suggest?
1) 15" MBP or Retina Display even if you support 13" MBP do write?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. The display res will not effect you editing res in any way I would not get the new MBP if you need a CD drive. What is the point of a smalled laptop (Not lighter they weigh allot) that you have to tote a cd drive and usb network connector around with. I suggest the old unibody i7 MBP for editing on the go. The higher res on the retna display will not do much for your editing.

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    By "Editing" are you referring to video editing or photoshop? My brother is a professional photographer and uses the 2 year old MBP 15" and it seems to be more than powerhouse enough. Video editing with rendering to my knowledge takes as much power as you can get if you intend to render things yourself, in which case Id think a notebook of most any kind will not suffice. Im assuming without rendering things and just editing video as such will land closer to photoshop.

    Dualcore vs Quadcore depends on the specific applications you are using, more often than not a higher clocked dualcore will outperform a quadcore while simultaeneously giving better battery life. That being said some applications which are well optimized will profit hugely from quadcore. So inform yourself.

    1080p video will not hang on a normal MBP, but you will either only look at a portion of the video at once, or you will have to accept a slightly lower resolution viewing. If your intending to edit videos on the go I suppose this might be a problem, at home I might recommend getting an external monitor in any case. They are cheap and usually better quality than most notebook displays. (Not referring to apple screens here, not sure those are worth it with their pricetags)

    My brother would probably tell you not to get the 13" as you might miss the extra screen real-estate. I myself have completely different needs though, so I cant really say if you would miss it more than you'd enjoy the extra mobility.

    So to summarise: If you wanna go down the Mac route (and for photographers this seems better than the Windows or Linux route imo, no idea about situation of videographers) and can afford the Retina MBP go for it, if you dont mind editing in below 1080p on the go sav yourself a nice bit of cash and go for the regular mbp.
  3. DON'T get the Retina Display model, it's almost completely impossible to repair it or upgrade anything
  4. mailhull said:

    2) 15" MBP has 4GB RAM and i feel like having 8GB which will shoot the cost from $1800 to close to $2100 perhaps which is price of 2.3Ghz Retina Display. So is upgrading Logical thing to do?

    wow. this has got to be the biggest rip off ever. 4 gb of ram for $210
  5. Not 4GB Ram, *Gb Ram
    Well it's not my price.. Apple Store says it all. Here is the link. 8GB 1600Mhz Ram for $200.
  6. Thanks Johnathan. I can figure many things out of the reply.
    Just summarizing below. Correct me if i'm still wrong.
    Either i should go for a 15"MBP with external Monitor or if cash allows than Retina Display. Although it lacks in Optical Drive and Firewire Port.

    Also as thently says it makes no sense to carry drive and USB Connector even after paying so much. This clears my confusion and i'll apply permutations & Combinations.

    Thanks for the replies all.
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