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Update to original post (see below). Prices added. Northwest suburbs. I
will listen to offers on bulk lots. Need buyers, not tire kickers. Sorry
if I don't have time to answer lots of questions. Come and take a look.
Bring your truck and some cash. Email directly and be prepared to call
me on the phone.

Hans O

Motivated seller has to clear out over 60 arcade machines plus loads
ofpparts and pieces. Not a lot of gems here, folks. Chicago suburbs,
ground floor, overhead door, easy access. Cash and carry. No time to
dance around 100's of questions. Set up an appointment and bring your
trailer. Better yet, somebody want it all? Here's a quick and dirty
list. Don't crucify me if it's not 100% accurate. Working on prices for
the few better items. I have zip file with 25 photos that I can email to
you. Make sure your mailbox can accept a 3.8 meg file. Questions? email me.
Hans O

1 Ms PacMan monitor issue $400
2 Golden Tee 2K good $750
3 Marvel vs Capcom Churchill cab ?
5 Midway cocktail cab $40
6 Ridge Racer 30" monitor issue $250
7 Rail Chase 2 50" logic problem $100
8 Golden Tee 2K showcase $750
9 Wrestlem Mania 25" good $400
10 United Puck bowler Cherokee $300
11 Capcom Bowling in Burger Time cab ok $300
12 Taito V'ball no monitor $75
13 Metal Slug 3 (Neo Geo 1 Slot) nice 25" Dynamo cab Switchable mon? $500
14 Capcom Q-sound cab empty $50
15 Cisco Heat ok $100
16 Lethal Enforcers 25" ok have board somewhere $150
17 Tekken Tag Team nice cab no monitor hold?
18 19" Dynamo cab $50
19 19" Dynamo cab $50
20 Top Drawer poker cab empty ?
21 19" Dynamo cab monitor $75
22 Williams cab (Robotron) Tiger Road empty $50
23 Robotron w/extra parts $600
24 Williams cab (Joust) w/25 monitor + parts to make Multi Williams $600
25 Sega Convert-a-cab empty $50
26 Atari Vindicators no monitor $100
27 Hang On OK $100
28 Steel Gunner II ok no monitor $100
29 Donkey Kong cab ?
30 G-loc cockpit Huge Cheap $100
31 Defender cab $50
32 Sunset Rider cab empty $50
33 AMI R92 Juke w/100 45s plus 6 disc changer OK ?
34 Seeburg CDI-A OK new remote 60 CDs $600
35 Steel Talons FREE working boards Free
36 American Laser cab Free
37 Megatouch Countertop ?
38 Megatouch Countertop ?
39 Megatouch Countertop ?
40 Tournament Solitaire cab drawer NICE $250
Darts--need work---buy as a lot $1,400
8 Arachnid Super 6 Plus II
5 Arachnid Galaxy
1 Valley Couger

Popeye project $200

Plus piles of parts and pieces including coin doors, control panels,
power supplies, monitors, chassis, bezels, coin buckets...
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  1. Archived from groups: rec.games.video.arcade.collecting,rec.games.video.arcade.marketplace (More info?)

    I'm interested in the free steel talons boards, and a 25' monitor
    chassis board if you have one. Let me know on this site or email me at
    Alex V.
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