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I plugged in by mistake someone elses laptop power supply into my Advent K200 Laptop and something happened. The Advent no longer shows any LED status lights when the proper mains cable is plugged in neither will the laptop run off the mains. The laptop works fine with the battery but I now have no way to recharge the laptop battery.

I have check the mains supply and I get 18.5vdc out so I know it is OK so it looks like part of the motherboard fied when I plugged in that other supply.

Is there a way I could bypass the power inlet or could I jack into the laptop battery connectors (10 pin) and power via a 12Vdc car battery.

Remember the problem is that I can get no power from the onboard power in connection.
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  1. nope, gotta buy a new mainboard, or the power board if it's not part of the mainboard

    I would give these guys a call and see what they have to say - IF you can't go through the normal channels of where you purchsaed it
  2. It could have blown a simple fuse or anything from a bunch of transistors and diodes or chips in the power circuit. It's hard to say.

    If you want to test, open the laptop, plug in the adapter and test with a multimeter to see if it gets power inside the laptop directly to the board. That will tell you if it's the jack. If it gets no power on the board, it's probably the jack. If it gets power, it's something else.
  3. There is 18.5vdc on the power connector motherboard solder terminals but I can not find power any where else on motherboard, so it does look like it is fried somewhere.

    The Advent KJ200 is at least 5 years old so no warrenty etc.

    Just hoping I could keep it going even if I jack a 12vdc car battery onto 2 of the 10 battery pins on the motherboard to keep the old girl going. The battery is a 10.8vdc Li-ion battery by the way and when charged does run my Advent fine (Friend has aAdvent K200 laptop as well and swapped batteries to try mine) and they work, the problem is no way to charge my battery outside of the Laptop?
  4. buy a used laptop (if money is tight and you can't afford a new one) and move your data off the drive onto the new laptop
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